How To Take Care And Clean Anal Beads

Anal beads are perfect to get prepared for anal sex. It is a sex toy designed to terminate your fear of putting something into your butt and it works really well. You may probably know that there are two types of sex toys designed for females, vaginal sex toys and anal sex toys. Both are different and work exceptionally well to offer extreme pleasure if used properly. 

These sex toys require proper care in order to offer a safer vaginal or anal sex simulation. If you use your sex toy and store it without cleaning, it will soon become a dangerous object in your room. It may become a big threat to your health and therefore you need to learn how to clean it. 

Cleaning anal beads:

Anal beads are designed to go into the user’s anus and that is certainly not a clean spot. Producers make sure they use high-quality material to build this sex toy so that the user can easily clean it and reuse it time-and-again. Many users search how to take care and clean anal beads to ensure safer anal sex practice. It is not cleaning an ordinary dish. You need to use quality cleaning agents that do not damage the smooth texture of your sex toy. It can be tricky to learn but this article will help you in learning how to do it. 

Follow these tips to clean your anal beads:

You cannot apply the same cleaning method to clean all your sex toys. The technique of cleaning anal beads will hugely depend on the material used to build anal beads. You can find two types of anal beads in the market, beads built from porous materials and beads built from non-porous materials. You will have to apply different cleaning tactics for both porous made beads and non-porous material made beads. So, let’s find out:

  • Cleaning anal beads made of porous materials:

You need to be extra careful when cleaning anal beads built of porous materials including jelly, latex, and rubber. It might be a bit daunting to keep them clean because bacteria can easily hide within the pores of beads. Therefore, your sex toy might not be completely clean if you apply regular cleaning tactics. You will have to put some extra efforts in order to remove the germs.  

The experts suggest that you should use warm water to clean anal beads built of porous materials. Do not submerge your beads into hot water because it will defect their natural shape. You will need warm water with a high-quality scrub to remove germs. Choose a top-quality antibacterial cleaner and mix it in warm water. Now submerge your anal beads into that mixture for a while and then clean it with a scrub. 

This is how you can clean anal beads and other sex toys built of porous material. Using a too harsh cleaning agent can be risky because it will destroy your sex toy. So, keep these tips in mind and choose the right way to clean your porous material made anal beads. 

However, here one thing is important to know that even after using the best quality antibacterial cleaning agent you cannot remove all the bacteria and germs. Porous materials offer a lot of space to hide where you cannot clean properly. The situation can get worse if beads are connected to a string. That string will house more bacteria than all the beads. If you have no other choice but to use such kind of anal beads, you should apply a condom over beads. This is how you can make sure no bacteria will enter in your porous material made anal beads. 

  • Cleaning anal beads made of non-porous materials:

It is much easier to clean anal beads made of non-porous materials than cleaning anal beads made of porous materials. Non-porous materials such as glass, steel, and silicone have no pores on their surface. It means, the bacteria cannot find a safe hideout within the beads. Whenever you will put non-porous material made beads in your anus, the bacteria will wrap onto the outer surface of the beads. You can use a normal antibacterial cleaning agent to remove those germs and bacteria and keep your sex toy clean

Yes, you can submerge anal beads made of non-porous material into hot water and boil them to eliminate all the bacteria. Silicone, steel, and glass remain intact even if you put these materials into boiling water. However, you will still need to scrub your beads in order to remove germs. There are special sex toy cleaners available in the market which you can buy and use to keep your precious sex toys clean. So, follow these tips whenever you want to clean silicone, glass, or steel made anal beads. 

  • Cleaning vibrating anal beads:

The demands are very high for vibrating sex toys. No wonder if you own vibrating anal beads because these sex toys offer more pleasure than the normal anal beads. You should pay extra attention if you want to know how to take care and clean anal beads that vibrate. 

The cleaning technique would obviously be different because these are electronic sex toys. First of all, you must remove the batteries to avoid electric shock. Submerging vibrating beads into warm or hot water is not a great idea. Water can easily destroy electronic components of your vibrating beads and it may never turn on again. You can use a scrubber with an antibacterial cleaner and gently rub the outer surface of beads to remove germs. 

Keep scrubbing and cleaning vibrating beads and then apply hot water wraps to wipe beads perfectly. Now put your anal beads into the sunlight to dry it perfectly. This is how you can clean vibrating anal beads perfectly. The sex toy manufacturing companies know how tricky it can be to clean sex toys. Therefore, most of them produce vibrating beads by using non-porous materials. It is easy to clean and easy to maintain. 

Taking care of anal beads:

You have just learned how to clean anal beads in order to make sure they are clean before the next use. Now is the time to learn how to keep your anal beads safe for long-term use. Nothing is designed to last forever and anal beads are no exception. Careless use of this sex toy can be dangerous because the smoothness of the outer surface will go away and then you will have a rough sex toy which may harm your internal organs. So, follow the given tips to ensure your anal beads are properly maintained. 

It will be a thrilling session every time you will put anal beads in your anus to feel the pleasure of anal sex. Many users simply throw their sex toy away after getting released. It is not the right way of taking care of sex toys. You should get out of your room and clean anal beads after using them. If you will not do that, bacteria will spread around your room. It may be risky for your health. In addition, your anal beads will not be ideal to use the next time because numerous filthy bacteria will cover all the beads and string. So, always clean anal beads after you use them and enjoy safer anal sex simulation.  

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